(1963 - )

1992      Scent of a Woman

1994      The Shawshank Redemption

1994      Little Women

1998     The Horse Whisperer

1999      American Beauty

1999     The Green Mile

2000     Pay it Forward

2002      The Road to Perdition

2003      Finding Nemo

2008      Wall-E

2012    Skyfall

2013    Saving Mr. Banks

Thomas Newman didn’t start out to be a film composer. The youngest son of the legendary Alfred Newman, he studied music at Yale but played in a rock band and dabbled in musical theater. A call from a friend to work on the alienated-youth film Reckless (1984) led to scoring the picture and inadvertently launching a career.

Every Newman has an individual sound. Thomas Newman’s hallmark is experimentation with unusual sonorities, often integrating electronic music with traditional acoustic instruments. Classically trained, he can and often does write stunningly for the orchestra- but scores like his Oscar-nominated Unstrung Heroes (1995) and parts of his Horse Whisperer (1998) demonstrate his nontraditional thinking. 

(Burlingame: Sound and Vision)

American Beauty (1999) - Paper bag scene

Road to Perdition (2002)