Rachel Portman

(b. 1960)

1993    The Joy Luck Club

1996    Emma

1999    The Cider House Rules

2000    Chocolat

2005    Oliver Twist

2008    The Duchess

2014    Dolphin Tale 2

2017    A Dog’s Purpose

British composer Rachel Portman became the first female composer to win an Academy Award, which she received for the score of Emma.  She was also the first female composer to win a Primetime Emmy Award, which she received for the film, Bessie.  She has received two further Academy Nominations for The Cider House Rules and Chocolat, which also earned her a Golden Globe Nomination.  She has written stage and concert works, among them commissions from the BBC Proms and Houston Grand Opera.

Chocolat (2000)

A Woman and her child settle into a small French village and cause ripples in the community’s social fabric. After opening a chocolate shop, the woman makes an impact with a variety of temptations.

Rachel Portman’s score delivers a delicate sensitivity to a nuanced and emotional film. The film received an Academy award nomination for best score

Chocolat (2000) - Setting up the chocolate shop

Chocolat (2000) - Giving in to temptation