John Powell

(b. 1963)

1998      Antz

2000      Chicken Run

2001      Shrek

2002      The Bourne Identity

2003      The Italian Job

2004      The Bourne Supremacy

2006      Ice Age: The Meltdown

2006      X-Men: The Last Stand

2006      Happy Feet

2007      The Bourne Ultimatum

2008      Horton Hears a Who!

2008      Kung Fu Panda

2008      Bolt

2010      How to Train Your Dragon

2011      Rio

2012      The Lorax

2017    Ferdinand

2018    Solo: A Star Wars Story

John Powell is a British composer who has scored over 50 films, and has been active in Hollywood since 1997.  He was a one-time member of Hans Zimmer’s music studio, Remote Control Productions. 

Powell is a classically trained composer with extensive experience in popular forms of music, and began his career composing music for commercials in Great Britain. His entry into the film music business began when he was hired as an assistant by Patrick Doyle. 

His first major Hollywood film was the Dreamworks production Antz (1998), which he co-scored with Harry Gregson-Williams. The two composers collaborated further on the films Chicken Run and Shrek. Powell’s entry into the action/adventure genre began with The Bourne Identity, and he has subsequently scored all three of the “Bourne” films.

Bolt (2008) - Chase Scene

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)